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Serving Ventura County & the Greater Santa Clarita Area

Looking to keep the plumbing in

your biggest investment in the best condition?

We have 2 great offers to help you do that!


We will clean one drain (main or common) Free of charge. No surprise fees, no obligation, and we will provide a report of your drain.

Just give us a call.




We offer Slab Leak Repair for a third of the industry's standard price

one-time offer

You never know when a slab leak will happen!

Call Us first!

we can save you $$$!!

  • professional service

  • guaranteed work

  • Prevents costly repairs later

Property owners choose us for our proven success in whole property plumbing management, repair and rehab projects.

Why is drain cleaning so important?

  • Decreases the chance of clogs

  • Reduces bad odors

  • Prevents costly repairs

Drain cleaning is especially important for multi-family properties, where the amount and type of debris that enters the plumbing system creates a significant risk for clogs and pipe damage.

Save Money With Our Plumbing Services Plan

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West Coast Plumbing

Ventura County's First Fully Accredited Green Plumber

(possibly the only One!)

Our experienced team of journeyman plumbers specializes daily in servicing associations and neighborhood communities.

West Coast Plumbing employs plumbing technicians, some with up to 20 years tenure who are dedicated to property management service needs.

We carry more in-house equipment than any other HOA-dedicated local plumbing service. We offer unique cost-saving programs and processes created specifically for property management customers and HOA properties.

Fast, accurate reports and billing, plus an intimate knowledge of infrastructure and plumbing needs for most Ventura County properties, makes us the premiere choice for your property.

we are local!

We are one of the largest locally-owned plumbing companies in Ventura.

We specialize in helping HOA's and Property Management Companies care for the condominiums, townhomes, apartments and homes of the people in our community.

Our philosophy is to CARE for and MAINTAIN the infrastructure of your associations...not just respond to emergencies... this way, we continually make your properties safer, better, and reduce costs!

More About West Coast Plumbing

  • Established in 1998

  • Medium-Sized, Full-Service Plumbing Company

  • Serving all of Ventura County & Greater Santa Clarita Area

  • Locally Owned & Operated by a Lifelong Ventura Resident

  • Over 28 Years of Experience

West Coast Plumbing is A Locally-Owned (non-franchise) Plumbing Service in Ventura County. we carry the Largest Inventory of company-owned Equipment for fastest service on heavy jobs. no need for subcontracting large service issues.

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